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Hey! No peeking. . . .

The Syd & Sam project:

In a chance encounter, Sydney Summers meets a young boy named Sam Cho. Both are outcasts in their own ways. Ostracized by their peers for their oddness.

They make an unlikely pair, one a romantic and an idealist, the other realistic and cynical, even in his young age. But both are stubborn, both are lonely. The kindred spirits become fast friends. But when the newly formed friendship is threatened with news that Sam is moving, they run away. Together, they embark on a grand adventure. In quixotic fashion they encounter vicious packs of animals, giants, dragons, and poser knights.

The Syd & Sam project consists of three parts: the story, a series of chapter booklets, and a website. The following is just a little preview of what I've been working on for the past year.

I suppose the best place to start is with a little introduction to characters.

Sydney Summers: headshot / model / w/helmet
Sam Cho: headshot / model / w/gear

Izzy: model / color
Satchmo: model / color
Aardi: model / color

The next set of images will be used for the first chapter booklet. Some of the color plates will be different in the final version. The initial plan was to only have single page color plates. After completing several of the paintings, I felt that some of the scenes would be more dramatic in a horizontal format, the vertical format just felt too restricting for certain scenes. So I've decided to include a two page spread in the booklet.

Black and White Spots:

Okey Dokey Land

Color Plates:

Title Page: painting / drawing
The Daydream: painting / drawing
Class Clown: painting / drawing

A project of this size deserved it's own site. On my main site, pretty much all the web graphics were created on the computer. I wanted the site to have a clean, simple look. For the Syd & Sam site, I'm going in the opposite direction. This site will be more organic, nearly everything will be hand drawn.

Background Drawings:

final artwork
on location

To see a rough mock up of the site, click here.

That's all for now. The next update won't be until the project is complete. So it'll be a while until the next time you hear from me. When you see an image of Syd and Sam on the modestmuse.com main page, the new site will be up. Until then. . . .


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